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 Beaufort, SC
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EnviroSafe Dry Carpet Cleaning

Beaufort MCAS,
Parris Island MCRD and
Beaufort Naval Hospital

Carpet Cleaning ~ Upholstery Cleaning ~ Tile and Grout Floor Cleaning

How To Prepare For Our Visit

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IMPORTANT: We consider it critical that we provide you with timely, professional service. In order to best serve you and our next customer please be prepared for our visit, as follows:

~ Please ensure that other people, children and pets are kept far away from the work area(s), for their safety. If other people, children or pets are present we will not be able to proceed and will have to reschedule.

~ Please set and maintain an indoor temperature of from 68 to 72 degrees, in advance, in preparation for this process. If this is not done we may have to reschedule.

~ Please notify our office, in advance, about any changes in the original work order that may affect the technician’s timely arrival for their next job. If conditions are not as agreed upon we will have to reschedule, in order to avoid being late for our next appointment.

~ Please move any furniture or other objects, as specified in the work order, in advance of our arrival. We will never move small or delicate non-furniture items; nor do we move any items in excess of 40lbs.

~ Please clear all areas where you want us to clean, in advance, to the extent that your work order dictates. This will facilitate planning our time, and best serving you and our next customer.

~ Please be prepared to show the technician all areas of concern, before a final quote is given. Anything brought to our attention after that point will, of course, add to the amount of the quote.

~ Please secure for us van parking as close to your door as possible.  If we have to bring our equipment and supplies excessive distances or up stairs there will be a surcharge. Please let us know, in advance, if either is going to be the case; or we may have to reschedule.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

This document is an official addendum to our contract with you *

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