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Wet VS Dry Carpet Cleaning

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The Host® Dry Carpet Cleaning Advantage

Host Dry Cleaning System

Water/Steam-Based Systems

~ Deep cleans, lifts/grooms matted pile in one step.
~ Never any overwetting.
~ No wick back of spots, stains or dirty areas.
~ Sponges worked into and left in carpet long enough to actually clean it.
~ Leaves no sticky residue to cause resoiling.
~ Never any  wet carpet.
~ Rooms back in use immediately after cleaning.
~ No humidity from cleaning.
~ No need for furniture protectors.

~ Mold, mildew, dust mites & allergens removed.
~ No damage from shrinkage, split seams
~ HOST is all natural and safe for people and pets
~ Safe & approved for all types of carpet and rugs.

* We only use one (1) teaspoon of water per sq. ft.

~ Does not lift pile.
~ Wetting/Overwetting raises a number of issues.
~ Spots/dirty areas wick back when carpet dries.
~ Cleaning solutions often removed too quickly
~ Detergent residue/moisture cause faster resoiling.

~ Carpet can take 6, 24 or more hours to dry.
~ Rooms out of use until dry.
~ May require fans/humidifiers to speed drying.
~ Wet carpet may introduce unwanted humidity.

~ High moisture increases mold & mildew.
~ High moisture can cause shrinkage/split seams.
~ Chemicals can be an eye and skin irritant.
~ Not recommended for use on silk, wool, oriental rugs, hand-loomed wool rugs, or natural fibers.

    Water/Steam-based Systems = Average 5 gallons of water is used per 1000 square feet of carpet1
    Only 70% of this is removed, leaving carpets wet, which can cause:
             ~ More rapid re-soiling and wick back of spots/stains
             ~ Shrinkage, loose carpets and split seams
             ~ Increased mold & mildew particularly in our Lowcounty climate
    1.000 sq.ft. = 5gal water used = 1.5gal of water left in your carpet

    Conclusion - Wetter Is Not Better

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